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e-Commerce Site Boardlandia is available for sale

Average gross profit for 2016 was $4,458.41/mo

2016 Financials

Total revenue: $173,400

Cost of goods sold: $119,899

Gross profit: $53,501

What's the Scoop? Why Sell?

Boardlandia is run by just me. I am in the store selling/packing/shipping 14 hours per week. I have a full-time job and building Boardlandia to what it is today has been a 5 year journey in my free time. I am going to rededicate this time to my family and playing board games. 

We will be hearing offers for the site effective immediately. If we do not have an accepted offer by 6/1/17, we will be listing our site for sale on another site.

Who Should Buy this Business?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a growing industry to make your mark? An existing store owner looking to break in to the online market? A person who loves the hobby and is ready to follow your dream? This business is becoming too large for me alone, but if you've ever wanted to own your own board game store, then there's no need to start from scratch. You also don't have to go it alone as I will be available to assist you during the transition period and offer consulting services as you continue to grow this business. If I can accomplish all of this in 14 hours/week, think of what you could accomplish in 40!

I'm a Customer! What About Me? 

Boardlandia will work closely with the new buyer for any outstanding pre-orders. All pre-orders have already been placed with our distributors.

Monetization Methods

Online Shop - Brick and Mortar - Drop-Ship Ready

Our e-Commerce site did $70,027.58 in sales in 2016.

  • Began selling through our e-Commerce site beginning March 21, 2016
  • $32,186 came through other sales channels including our first website and our earlier in store POS
  • is drop-ship ready as of February 2016. We will work with new buyer on how to build out this growth area of the business


Included in the sale:

-Nationally recognized brand 

-Logo design and full transition of operations and ownership of the website

-Website with 1,000s of games already added 

-Online loyalty program

-Domains:,,,,,, (all forwarding to

-Customer list 

-200+ pre-orders that I would pay out to the buyer (reducing your purchase price accordingly)

-My time to help you through the transition plus training - negotiable on the duration

-Sandwich sign 

-Custom made branded stamper for stamping bags and shipping boxes 

-Boxes and packaging material 

-POS system - Including two credit card readers - one bluetooth w/chip reader 

-Transition buyer to my distributors and contacts plus current purchasing discounts and negotiated best pricing

-Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google pages transitioned to buyer 

-Ability to sell for free on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest at the click of a button

-Willing to sign a non-compete contract with new buyer

-Sharing of my best practices and growth plan for the business with new buyer

-Highly loyal customers

-Google phone number and email address

Optional purchases

-Fixtures (tables, displays, all-wood and high quality)

-Custom made cash register

-Display case/counter



-Inventory that I would sell at cost

Site Info

Domain Info and brick and mortar business established in June 2015


SEO Presence

October 15, 2016 through March 12, 2016

Structured Data 

We have spent time and effort to get Boardlandia on the top page result for it's name and related content. One result of this effort is seen below with with many key site links!

Interested in Learning More?

Contact Tim at with questions




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