Star Wars Imperial Assault: "Alliance Smuggler" Ally Pack

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Slip past Stormtroopers and supply your Rebels with the weapons and other gear they need. The Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack for Imperial Assault introduces a single Alliance Smuggler, as well as new missions and cards to enhance both your campaign and skirmish games. Smuggle supplies past your opponents in a skirmish game to claim additional victory points, or race to recover the cargo of a tramp freighter in a new campaign side mission. With the ability to slip past your opponents and hold his own in a fight, the Alliance Smuggler is a worthy addition to any strike team!

‚¬¢ A Wave IV Rebel faction figure pack for Imperial Assault
‚¬¢ Introduces one sculpted Alliance Smuggler figure, along with new missions and other cards
‚¬¢ A campaign side mission invites you to recover the cargo of a downed Rebel freighter
‚¬¢ Two skirmish missions challenge you to slip by your foes or engage in a smuggling run
‚¬¢ New Mission cards, Command cards, and Deployment cards open plenty of tactical possibilities

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