Detective - City of Angels - Smoke and Mirrors Expansion - Dent and Ding (Major Damage)

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This product is a damaged product. There may be dents, crushed corners, ripped boxes, or of the like. However this is still a new complete game. This product is a final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded for any reason.

Detective: Smoke and Mirrors features some of the hardest cases created so far. These ain't for no gumshoes, ya hear?

These cases are some of the most challenging and complex we've ever designed. Not only will they test your mystery-solving skills to the utmost, each case features new mechanics, new types of cards, and new solve requirements. In the past, you only had to determine the guilty suspect, the murder weapon, and the motive.

What happens when you ALSO have to identify each additional accomplice that was involved as well as where the next crime could take place?

Smoke and Mirrors features four cases with more than 240 cards!

Ages 14+, 1-5 players, 30-150 minutes