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Zombie Chase

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Perfect for beginners and pros alike, Zombie Chase is a great choice for the next family game night! Set at Lake Nomby amusement park, everyone was having a wonderful time until the sun began to set and an ominous crash is heard at the center of the park. From within the dark and creepy park maintenance shed, a moaning sound emerges. The owner of that sound quickly becomes clear as the Zombie Janitor appears and begins his search for brains! In a panic, the park guests and security flee the park and lock the gate behind them to keep the zombie trapped inside. The problem is the janitor isn’t the only one left behind! YOU’RE trapped too!

Players roll two Dice. Move your Character the number of spaces shown on the white die, t. . .

SKU PAT 7030
Product Stats
2 - 6

Playing Time:
15 - 30 Minutes

Min Age:


Children's Game

Roll / Spin and Move

Year Published: