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Ascension Tactics is a brand-new deckbuilding miniatures game where you control legendary champions, battling through a campaign to save the world of Vigil. There are many challenges ahead, but in the end, only two outcomes: oblivion or Ascension. The hit Ascension Tactics Kickstarter game is now available in this retail-friendly edition!

★ Play a brand new game from the creator of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game and the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

★ Enjoy multiple game modes including campaign, cooperative, and Player vs Player.
★ Choose from dozens of champions and scenarios along with hundreds of cards to ensure endless replayability.

★ Contents include:
• 334 Cards
• 65 Battlefield Tiles
• 45 Champion Standees
• 24 Treasure Tokens
• 17 Game Tokens
• 40 Honor Tokens
• Honor Token Bag
• Gameboard
• Scenario Book

★ For 1–4 players ages 10+; 45–90 minutes playing time