Dungeon Drop - Treasure Trunk Bundle - (Pre-Order)

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Welcome to the Box of Infinite Space! A premium "big box" storage solution, complete with 5 plastic game trays and a full set of card dividers! Large enough to hold 3 of our cubical box games, walls, mats, and 1 of the 5 included game trays (or you can swap out up to 2 of the original game boxes and use all the game trays!). BUNDLE! This bundle contains not only the Treasure Trunk, but also 1 copy of EACH of the following: Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep, Dungeon Drop: Wizards & Spells, Tavern Tales (standalone game!), Limited Promo Pack (2020), and the Trials & Tools mini-expansion. Holds up to 3 cube games, Dungeon Walls, and 2x Dungeon Mats. Includes 5 premium quality game trays. Includes 7 card dividers.