Brian Boru

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A cut-throat game of power-brokering and intrigue in eleventh century Ireland designed by award-winning designer Peer Sylvester.

Ireland is awash with would-be kings, power-hungry pretenders, and self-professed rulers. The provinces are in disarray, and the common folk are paying the price. The land needs a leader.

In Brian Boru, players will strive to unite Ireland under their domain, securing control through might, cunning, and matrimony. Join forces to fend off Viking invaders, build monasteries to extend your influence, and gather support in towns and villages throughout the land. To become High King of all Ireland, you will need to navigate a web of shifting alliances, outmaneuver your enemies, and grab history by the reins.

3-5 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

46 cards
139 tokens
125 wooden discs