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Caverna: The Cave Farmers - The Forgotten Folk Expansion

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Hundred years ago, when I was a youngling, there where only us. No matter where you looked - in the mines, on the fields or in the caverns - only dwarfs. But that's long ago. Today there are the other folks. Some say the "Forgotten Folks" and claim that they have been here since the very beginning. But no matter if forever or just for the last hundred years, now it's time to show them that we are dwarfs and that we are ready to fight for our place in this world!

- Alexodir, tribe of the Wilbertons, King of the Dwarfs

 Designed by Alex Wilber and approved by Uwe Rosenberg this expansion offers 1 - 7 players, age 12 and up, to experience the base game from the different views of 8 Forgotten Folks. Every folk comes with its own pr. . .

SKU LK0103
Product Stats
1 - 7

Playing Time:
30 - 210 Minutes

Min Age:

Lookout Games

Economic, Expansion, Animals, Fantasy, Farming

Tile Placement, Worker Placement, Variable Player Powers

Uwe Rosenberg, Alex Wilber

Javier González Cava, Klemens Franz

Year Published: