Descent Second Edition: Eliza Farrow Lieutenant Miniature

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With Lieutenant Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, you can replace the game's lieutenant tokens and bring the overlord's most powerful agents to life. The Eliza Farrow Lieutenant Pack features a detailed plastic figure that places its deadly operative, a brutal and bewitching vampire, on equal footing with Terrinoth's champions. Moreover, it includes a plot deck and rules that allow the overlord to pursue devious new strategies and allow the bloodthirsty Lady Eliza Farrow to pursue the heroes' downfall through any campaign!

‚¬¢ Replaces your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition lieutenant token with a detailed plastic figure
‚¬¢ New rules allow the overlord to summon his lieutenants into any campaign
‚¬¢ Eliza Farrow's customized plot deck marries his personality to new tactical options
‚¬¢ Fortune tokens provide players with versatile options as they confront the overlord's growing threat

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