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7 Wonders: Armada Expansion (Pre-Order)

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ETA - 2018

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Popularized by critics as well as by the thousands of players who have bought it to play with their family or friends. Since its release, 7 Wonders has won more than 30 awards in over 20 countries. 7 Wonders offers you the chance to take control of a prestigious civilization and make it prosper to victory. Gather resources, develop commercial routes, and affirm your military supremacy. Our customers have chosen to make 7 Wonders a part of our Best Sellers Program by consistently selling this game. Stores who pre-order 6 copies (1 case) of ASM SEV13 may also pre-order 1 copy of ASM SEV13LKPR, while supplies last. Limit 1 per physical store location.