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Only a few made you bite the dust. Coincidentally, that one standing in front of you right now, ready to fight, is one of them. Your hands rise info an impenetrable guard. The time for revenge is now!

8 Masters’ Revenge is a fighting game for 1 to 4 players. You are a martial arts master and you want to beat your opponents, strike after strike. Your only weapons are your two hands, represented by two cards you have in play. Find the weak point in your opponent’s guard to take your revenge. Survive the duel to win the fight!

Key Features:
• Unique card battle system represents Martial Arts with a new and exciting mechanic.
• Solo play mode allows players to hone their skills.
• Play as one of eight masters with special powers to increase replayability and reinforce the awesome kung-fu theme.

Ages: 13+
Play time: 15–45 min.
# of Players: 1–4
Game Type: Strategy

• 4 two-sided boards
• 100 cards
• 8 Bow cards
• 36 Effect tokens
• 4 Health tokens
• 4 Fury tokens
• 3 Crow tokens
• 1 Gas Bomb token
• 1 rulebook