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A Duel Betwixt Us is a 2-player card game designed to test your manly worth through the ancient & sacred art of violence. Your heroic feats will earn you the love of fair maidens, and sturdy men join your ranks in admiration of your combative prowess. You will send this fanclub to work in the mines, where they will toil tirelessly in your name. The fine ingots they pull from the earth will provide you with an economic & military edge in the series of spectacular duels which will unfold betwixt you and your nemesis. Who will be the finer specimen of Man? Will you gain the Gentlemanly Satisfaction you demand? Only time will tell...

• 14 Defensive Item Cards
• 32 Offensive Item Cards
• 31 Event Cards
• 13 Trick Cards
• 14 Duel Type Cards
• 45 Ingot Cards
• 24 Standard Miner Cards
• 8 Favour Cards
• Players' Guide

Ages 10+, 2 Players, Playtime 20min