Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein - Dent and Ding

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This product is a damaged product. There may be dents, crushed corners, ripped boxes, or of the like. However this is still a new compete game. This product is a final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded for any reason.

Plaid Hat Games is proud to announce Abomination, a game based on Mary Shelley’s immortal novel Frankenstein. Set twenty years after the events in the book, each player will take on the role of an up-and-coming scientist, racing to become the first to create a viable companion for their strange new patron.


Abom Board


Place Assistants

This 2-4 player game of monster creation via strategic worker placement, sends the scientists across Paris to research the newest scientific findings, charge their Leyden jars, seek additional funding for their research, and obtain raw materials. Very raw materials. Bribe, steal, exhume and murder to build a collection of viable parts.



Build Your Creature

Retreat back to your laboratory where you and your assistants will attempt the impossible – create life from death. You will have to work fast, for body parts decompose and quickly become unusable. Even the animal bits you procure from the slaughterhouse will waste away. You have twelve rounds to perfect your craft, assuming your patron's past doesn't catch up to you first. You do not want to fail, for your benefactor is always watching, and it does not tolerate failure.


Abom Captain


The Oath

Twenty years ago, Captain Robert Walton made a promise to the dying Victor Frankenstein  – to eradicate the horrible monster that walks the earth.  Will you be able to create a companion before the vow is kept? Can your humanity be saved, or must the captain destroy you as well?