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Fantasy Flight Games

Android Netrunner LCG: Down the White Nile Data Pack

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Situated along the equator, on the northern shores of Lake Victoria and near the source of the White Nile, the fast-growing city of Jinja is destined to become a major global power. There, the nations of the Sub-Saharan League have gathered a small army of workers. Their tasks? To help the world`s second beanstalk grow through and out of its early stages of construction. To replicate the closely held secrets of Weyland`s buckyweave. And to raise the colossal tower until it brushes against the heavens. But while so much of the city`s activity aims toward the skies and beyond, there`s plenty happening on the ground - and behind the locked doors of Jinteki`s Kisu2 Hospital. The biotech giant has established a good survival rate for patients suffering from the HV-X hemorrhagic virus, but how have they done this? Bacteria and viruses (both physical and virtual) feature heavily in Down the White Nile, the second Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game, as the Data Pack`s sixty new cards (including three copies each of twenty different cards) continue to explore every aspect of life along the shores of Lake Victoria, even touching on the boundary between life and death.