Cardline: Dinosaurs

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The diplodocus is clearly heavier than the tyrannosaurus, but what about the brachiosaurus? I imagine that the stegosaurus is lighter than those three, but does it weigh less than a wooly mammoth?

In Cardline Dinosaurs, these are the kind of questions you'll be faced with each time you want to place one of your cards. There's only one goal here -to be the first one to correctly play all of your cards.This box contains 110 cards built around the theme of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. All of these cards are compatible with the cards from the Cardline Animal series. This way, by using various boxes with different themes, you increase the possibilities and the fun of playing.

Cardline Dinosaurs contains 110 uniquecards, and 1 rulebook.

High level of replayability.
Easy to learn.
Wonderful art work on all of the cards.

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