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Werewolves Of Miller's Hollow: New Moon Expansion

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In spite of the inhabitants rallying to uncover the lycanthropes among them, the village of Millers Hollow was devastated by the werewolves. Now the ferocious creatures prowl the hamlet, and the villagers barricade themselves inside their cottages, being careful not to go outside at nightfall. However, a feeble hope still remains. Hidden in the deepest depths of the wastelands, the Resistance is organized and prepared. New characters with promising abilities join the battle against the terrible werewolves. Nevertheless, the fight is sure to be savage, because it’s the New Moon! New Moon is the first expansion for the game The Werewolves of Millers Hollow. Under the guidance of the Moderator, the players will represent the inhabitants of the village of Millers Hollow. Among them are werewolves, who will devour one victim each night. In the morning the survivors will try to uncover the lycanthropes. Among the villagers, there are special characters who revialize the game. In New Moon, five new characters make their appearance: the VillageIdiot so endearing in her naivety, the Elder having victoriously traversed the tribulations of life, the Scapegoat the victim in every situation, the savior able to protect from the bite of the werewolves, and the Flute player seeking to exact her terrible revenge. The expansion also introduces event cards, which with each turn of play will change the course of the game. To squeeze still more out of The Werewolves of Millers Hollow, nine facetious variants are included to renew the ambiance of your games. - 32-pages rule booklet - 36 event cards - A sheet with 5 stickers to apply to the villager cards in order to represent the new characters.