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The Little Prince

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The classic story of the Little Prince comes alive as you race through the sky collecting stars and stories en-route to his little planet, B-612. The sky route is set up differently each time you fly for new adventures.

On their turn, players spend cards to move their biplane forward. Be careful where you land, there can be valuable rewards or traps along the way! Finishing quickly will earn you big rewards, but the slow path can grant you more turns. Just don't run out of cards or your flight is over! Who will end the game with the most stars and who will have the best stories to tell about it!

8 route part (3 connecting boards, 3 route boards, the Grandfather's house, the Little Prince's planet). 5 Paper planes, 18 story tiles, 12 Telescope tokens, 36 Startokens, 18 Grandfather cards, and for each player: 8 Foxcards, 1 Plane, and 1 Flying Helmet.

Build the classic Little Prince story as you play. The route can be built differently every time you play!