Timeline Challenge

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What came first, the invention of the toothbrush or the bicycle? What year did the French Revolution start? Plunge into history with Timeline Challenge. Your knowledge of past events and the moments that shaped our world will come in handy in this board game based in the award-winning Timeline series. Face off in a number of different trials and challenges as the clock ticks down.

Outthink your opponents on your own or join forces with other players for team action. The unique Historical Boards allow you to secretly lock in your answers and there are a variety of ways to cash in points. Remember, those who fail to learn fro history are doomed to repeat it!

5 player aids
110 cards
5 traveler tokens
5 historical boards

Display historical knowledge through various challenges and trials.
Incorporate Timeline cards from any edition of the game.
Play solo against your opponents or join forces and play as teams.

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