Battlecon - Devastation Of The Indines (Extended Expansion)

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Devastation of Indines: Extended Edition ups the ante with all new content to expand your copy of Devastation of Indines even further! This update includes the following additions:
‚¬¢ New Alternate Art Unique Ability Cards - A complete set of new Alternate Art Character cards (1 per fighter in Devastation of Indines). These cards provide each character with a new Unique Ability that changes their gameplay
‚¬¢ Alternate Standups - Customize your game with Chibi, 8-Bit, and Alternate Art Cardboard Standups.
‚¬¢ Two New Fighters - Juto and Borneo Promotional Mascot Characters!

This is an expansion, not a standalone game. It requires BattleCON: Devastation of Indines to play. Made in China.

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