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BattleTech Era Report: 3145 is the next installment of the Era Report series, which explores the most exciting past eras of the BattleTech universe. Designed to introduce new players to a part of BattleTech’s rich history (or, bring older players back for a fresh look at such periods), the Era Reports provide an overview of the nations, characters, and technologies that made these past eras truly remarkable.

Series/Type: BattleTech/Era Report

• Brings the players up to date with the BattleTech timeline as it advances into the time period first covered by WizKids’ MechWarrior: Dark Age and MechWarrior: Age of Destruction collectible miniatures games.
• Moves the setting forward to a new era of play, complete with advances in technology and hosts of new units and battlefield formations.
• Focuses more on setting than a single conflict, providing additional roleplaying and campaign hooks for games set in the long-awaited Dark Age period.
• Meshes with Field Manual: 3085, which introduced the newborn Republic of the Sphere faction, and details its evolution from a hopeful post-Jihad state to a realm besieged by enemies on all sides.
• Combines with the PDF-exclusive Era Digest: Dark Age, which describes the collapse of the interstellar communications network and the short-lived rise of the proxy factions first introduced by WizKids’ MechWarrior game line.

Target Market:
• Cross-over players from other table-top miniatures games
• Lapsed BattleTech Players looking to return
• Current BattleTech players
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