Battletech - Interstellar Operations

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Interstellar Operations is the final installment in the award-winning line of BattleTech core rulebooks. Scaling up to a level of play that allows for the conquering of entire factions, Interstellar Operations allows players to scale between all the various rulebooks, from a single warrior to regiments on the march. It's Alternate Eras section is one of the most anticipated parts of the book, including a slew of technologies across the centuries, such as the much anticipated return of the Land-Air ‚¬ËœMech with full rules for play and construction.

Series/Type: BattleTech/Core Rulebook
Selling Points:
‚¬¢ A companion volume to the Total Warfare game system, designed to help
experienced players explore the historical settings of the game universe.
‚¬¢ Combines with Historical: Liberation of Terra, Part 1 to provide a detailed look
at a very formative period of BattleTech history: the massive conflict that led
to the demise of the first Star League.
‚¬¢ Cross promotion with Iron Wind Metals figures that are commonly available
‚¬¢ Full-color presentation, with ready-to-use record sheets included

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