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The Original Monster Truck®, BIGFOOT® returns to tabletop for the first time in 38 years! Climb behind the wheel of TEAM BIGFOOT Legends to roll, plan, and SMASH your way through an arena you design and build.

Roll the Monster Tire Dice to earn Plan Points, Style Cards, & Hazards. Program your Monster Truck’s path of destruction, while opponents place hazards to get in your way. Earn Victory Points as you jump, drive, slide, and SMASH your way through the arena! Do it with style to make the crowd go wild and earn bonus points on your run. After two runs, the truck with the most VP is the Monster Rally Champion!

Featuring 4 iconic TEAM BIGFOOT Monster Trucks:
- The ORIGINAL monster truck - BIGFOOT #1
- Engineering Marvel - BIGFOOT Racer
- Sinister Serpent of Speed - Snake Bite
- Radical Racing Hybrid - Fastrax

1-4 players
Ages 8+
45 minute play time

3D Custom Arena
4 Monster Truck Minis
4 Monster Tire Dice
4 Player Boards
8 Ramp Tiles
12 Hazard Tiles
12 Run Markers
20 Obstacle Tiles
40 Style Cards
52 Plan Tiles
Jumbo Scoreboard
Dry Erase Marker
GameTrayz Organizer