Boardgamegeek: The Card Game

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This quick playing game is an homage to the site! Between two and six players build up cards, each card representing a much-loved game as seen on the site. Cards can be laid out in two ways, with vertical columns of games of the same color/category representing the ones that you're playing, and horizontal rows of differently colored cards showing the games that you're Collecting - after all, everyone has certain titles in their collection that they're particularly proud of, don't they? As the game continues, you'll participate in Math Trades, Buy Games, hit the Thrift Store and more... until The End card appears and you total up your final points! Each individual set that you have before you will score, and the winner receives the adulation of being the best Board Game Geek around - until the next game!

‚¬¢ Rule Book
‚¬¢ 80 Game Cards
‚¬¢ 1 End Card

Ages 8+, 2-6 Players, Playtime 20min

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