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Burano, also known as the lace island, is an island in the northern Venetian lagoon. Burano is extremely famous for its brightly colored houses, those square-shaped houses of a riot of colors along the water channels make it like a fairy tale land.

Through the novel "cube pyramid-driven" mechanism, players take turns paying coins to operate their cube pyramid during each round. The operation of the color-coded cubes would trigger certain actions, such as fishing, lace making, and house roofing, which will earn players victory points (VP). At the end of the game, whoever has earned the most VP wins.

‚¬¢ 3 Game Boards
‚¬¢ 4 Player Boards
‚¬¢ 150 Cube "Houses" and "Workshops"
‚¬¢ 4 "Merchant Ships"
‚¬¢ 33 Coins
‚¬¢ 48 Tiles
‚¬¢ 64 Cards
‚¬¢ 12 Markers
‚¬¢ 16 Ring Pieces
‚¬¢ 56 Tokens
‚¬¢ 4 "Time Wheels"