Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! Expansion (Dent & Ding)

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Ding & Dent copies have minor box damage. The interior game components are undamaged.

The deck-building adventure of Clank! In! Space! continues. Small pockets of resistance continues to oppose Lord Eradikus, but the evil cyborg now plots to wipe them out with one grand and wicked scheme!

Thwart the efforts of Lord Eradikus! Reap the rewards of noble (and perhaps reluctant) heroism! Save the galaxy... And get rich in the process! Maybe you can avert the Apocalypse! (Or at least escape with the treasure while someone else does!)

This is an expansion requires Clank! In! Space! to play.

Expand Clank! In! Space! with a new map tiles and challenges! 
2-4 Players, 12+ Age Rating, 30-60 Min Play Time

Contents Summary: 
2 Double-sided Game Board Modules 
35 Adventure Deck Cards 
8 Large Scheme Cards 
1 Haldos Boss Marker

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