Commands And Colors: Napoleonics - Generals, Marshals, And Tacticians Expansion

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What makes this expansion stand out is the introduction of a deck of Napoleonic Tactician cards. These 50 cards are designed to spice up each and every player's Napoleonic experience by enhancing the role of leaders on the battlefield, without adding additional complexity or pages of rules. Tactician cards also add an element of suspense and will challenge players to coordinate their use in a timely manner. In terms of game play, they represent leader actions and Napoleonic battlefield happenings or unit abilities. These cards may hinder the opposition army, enhance a player's units or may instantly change the course of a battle. The number of Tactician cards each player will take at the start of a battle is indicated in the scenario notes. For earlier scenarios, players must refer to the Commander Tactician Rating Reference Card, which is a comprehensive listing of all Commands & Colors Napoleonic scenarios released to date with a commander's tactician rating for each army.

‚¬¢ Rule and Battle Booklet
‚¬¢ One Terrain Tile Sheet
‚¬¢ One Miscellaneous Tile Sheet
‚¬¢ 50 Tactics Cards
‚¬¢ 90 Command Cards
‚¬¢ Two Identical Terrain Effect Cards
‚¬¢ Two Identical Tactician Rating Cards
‚¬¢ Over 140 wood pieces plus sticker sheets