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Diskwars (Used)

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A Fantasy themed miniatures wargame without the miniatures. Will you play as the ubiquitous Elves, the barbaric Uthuk Yllan, the stalwart Dwarves, the vile Undead, the medieval Knights, the desert dwelling Acolytes, the mighty Dragon kin, or the vicious Orcs? Players choose a faction from the eight available in the base game and an army point value for the battle. Each must then build an army using the double-sided cardboard disks and battle it out. At least half of the army points must be from one faction and the remaining points are made up of like aligned or neutral disks and spells. Each double-sided disk represents either a faction homeland (your starting area), a terrain (ruins, forest, swamp etc... with effects on combat and line of sight), a spell(levels 1-3), a missile or one unit with its alignment (Good, Neutral, or Evil) with values for its Attack, Defense, Toughness, Movement and the army point cost of the disk. The disks have varying sizes (Giants and Dragons tend to be larger) and most units have a wide variety special abilities such as flying, the spell-casting ability or the missile ability to launch boulders, bolts, arrows or fireballs for example.