Fantahzee: Hordes And Heroes

by AEG
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It's time to dice and slice! Mages, warriors, dwarves, and their fantastical contraptions, all call Devil's Burden home, but hordes of monsters have just attacked. The town needs leaders to bring its heroes together to defeat the dread generals and their armies. Play your cards right, and roll with the luck of the dice, and you may be hailed as the savior of the town in this game of cards and dice for 25 players, brought to life through the art of J Hause.

Fantahzee features 20 six-sided dice, as well as over 170 cards, including monster, hero, action, treasure and town cards. Players compete to lead the most successful band of heroes. The game adds fast, easy and familiar dice combination strategies, to cardplay tactics, with each person striving to build the best and most effective party each turn. Simple, easy to understand rules and mechanics mean that the game can be enjoyed by both the casual and committed gamer!

95 Hero deck cards: 75 Heroes; 20 Actions
60 Horde deck cards: 30 Level 1 monsters; 25 Level 2 monsters; 5 Boss Monsters
10 Town cards
9 Treasure cards
20 Six-sided Dice
3 Doom tokens
1 Last Player Token