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Mansions Of Madness: "The Laboratory" Expansion

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Inspired by one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most disturbing short stories, The Laboratory is a thrilling expansion for Mansions of Madness in which players must shut down a mad scientist’s eldritch machine before it tears our reality asunder. Otherworldly terrors feature prominently, and players must close portals to other realms as they hunt for clues to understand the device.
Co-designed by Richard Launius, the creator of Arkham Horror, The Laboratory is full of the eerie themes that make Mansions of Madness a uniquely satisfying entry into H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie fictional world.

• A new scenario for Mansions of Madness, co-designed by Richard Launius
• Deeply inspired by From Beyond, one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most terrifying short stories
• New mechanics introduce meaningful choices and great replayability
• Features new rules and over fifty new cards, including seven portals to other worlds
• Requires Mansions of Madness and the Forbidden Alchemy expansion to play