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Freeport is one of the most renowned city settings of fantasy roleplaying and it's back - bigger and better - in this monstrous new sourcebook for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The City of Adventure lovingly details a metropolis that mixes classic fantasy, piracy, and Lovecraftian horror into an action packed setting for your game.

As always, you can use Freeport on its own or drop it into the campaign setting of your choice.

Inside this massive tome you'll find:

- A district by district breakdown of the city with accompanying neighborhood maps.

- Over 100 full detailed locations, from taverns and beer halls to prisons and asylums.

- Useful information on the city's customs, politics, laws, and history.

- Hundreds of characters that make Freeport come alive, many with full stat blocks.

- The Ironjack Legacy, a brand new adventure for low-level characters by Fiery Dragon.

- Three new character classes: freebooter, monster slayer, and noble.

- New archetypes like corsair, musketeer, and witch hunter.

- New feats, spells, equipment, and magic items.

- An optional chapter that expands the World of Freeport into a full campaign setting.

- A beautiful poster map of Freeport by cartographer Andy Law.

Freeport, where every block brings danger and every day may be your last. Come for the pirates, stay for the cosmic horror!