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Another chapter of Arcanum Gudanna stands revealed! Forged from the desert sands and the blood of the Great Khan's enemies, these mighty Golems and the Knights who command them are dreaded from one end of Eretsu to the other for their ruthless hit-and-tun tactics.

In this expansion set for Golem Arcana, you'll find three new Gudanna Golems for your Dominion army: the Blood Channeler, the Grappling Death, and the scourge-equipped Demon Lash. Also included are four new Relic Cards: Nashkal's Urn, used to litter the battlefield with poisoned sands; the Ewer of Dyati that acts as a portable source of mana; the Khamsin of Asvara that allows a Golem to quickly escape an enemy; and Varana's Wing that bestows the gift of flight upon its bearer.

You must have a compatible mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to play Golem Arcana:
- iOS: iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3 and newer, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation and newer.

- Android: Version 4.3 and later; device must support Bluetooth LE. Supported devices include: Google (Nexus 5 and 7), HTC One and One (M8); Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Note 3.
- Visit the manufacturer's website for a complete list of devices.

3 Large Scale (40mm - 70mm) Pre-Painted and Assembled Figures on TDI Bases
- Blood Channeler
- Grappling Death
- Demon Lash
4 Relic TDI Cards
- Nashkal's Urn
- Ewer of Dyati
- Khamsin of Asvara
- Varana's Wing
3 Golem TDI Cards
2 Double-sided Blessing and Curse Tokens
3 Banner Stands

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30-90 minutes

Golems are represented on the game board with pre-painted figures while Knights and Ancient Ones are digital characters purchased within the mobile App.

This is not a stand-alone game.