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Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection (System Neutral Sourcebook, Hardback) Foil

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500 of the World’s Greatest Traps! For any role-playing game. Five classic Grimtooth’s Traps books collected in one massive volume, giving you over 500 engines of destruction, delver dicers, and player character crushers. Now remastered and with new art by original Traps artist Steven S. Crompton. This collection also includes an entirely new section of never-before-seen traps from Grimtooth’s archives, along with behind the scenes articles on the origins of Grimtooth and the Traps phenomenon. Plus rare art, Grimtooth comics, Trap puzzles and more! This deluxe gold-foil edition of the Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps collection includes more than 100 pages of bonus content! In addition to the five original Traps volumes, it also include Traps Bazaar and Dungeon of Doom, plus other bonus content! Originally published by Flying Buffalo, Grimtooth’s Traps is one of the most popular RPG accessories ever produced, with more than 250,000 copies in print since 1981. There have been a total of seven Grimtooth’s books produced, and all of them are usable with any RPG. Five of the seven volumes were traps-focused, and for the first time ever, these magnificent engines of player-character destruction are collected in an officially-licensed hardback collector’s volume suitable for both presentation and play. If you play any fantasy role playing game, of any edition, this collection will challenge your players in ways they will never see coming! Made in the USA.