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Monsterpocalypse: Rise Monster Booster

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MONSTERPOCALYPSE: RISE MONSTER BOOSTER The Monsterpocalypse is upon us! Rampage your monster and a horde of minions through an urban landscape, crush everything in your path, and do battle with rival monsters for control of your turf. Monsterpocalypse is an action-packed strategy game of collectible miniatures for two players ages 10 and up, and features high-quality pre-painted plastic monsters, vehicles, and interactive city structures that impact and shape gameplay. Reach out and CRUSH someone! Monsterpocalypse: Rise Monster Booster Grow your army of monsters with the Monsterpocalypse Monster Booster containing: o 1 randomly inserted, fully-assembled, pre-painted plastic monster o 1 corresponding monster hyper form. You must have the components of 1 starter set (PIP 50001) to play a game with the contents of this box.