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Mottainai refines and transforms the core gameplay of the out of print Glory to Rome, and takes players on a journey to a buddhist temple to create various works of art. Each of the cards in Mottainai is unique, featuring beautiful watercolor illustrations of the works. Every one has a special ability, which in typical Chudyk fashion can and will need to be combined cleverly with other cards to outwit your opponents. Mottainai had a huge Kickstarter campaign with over 2500 backers, and has created an enormous amount of buzz from fans.

The Mottainai Deluxe edition comes with two decks, enough to play with up to 5 players. It also has larger reference cards, and the set is designed to support two side-by-side 2-3 player games.

Players: 2-5
Game time: 15-30 mins
Complexity: High
Interactivity: High

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