Munchkin Booty 2 - Jump The Shark

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Jump the Shark . . . or you're fish food! Return to the high seas for more Munchkin Booty action. Fight the Hammerhead Shark and the Phillips-Head Shark, too. And greatest of all is the terrible Moby Duck! On the munchkin side, there are lots of new Ships, and a new Class: the Explorer! He gets a Treasure when he helps in combat, and he can pull cards back into his hand! This set features four monsters with a new weakness: Current or former members of the real-life Armed Forces get a bonus against them!

Description: 112 cards and rulesheet, in a tuckbox.

Related Products: Munchkin Booty of course, but the whole Munchkin family of card games, including Munchkin Blender and the Munchkin Dice, are compatible . . . but it crosses over especially well with Star Munchkin (space pirates!) and Munchkin Fu (pirates vs. ninja!).

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