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Myth is a fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic, hobby-quality miniatures. Players take control of a Hero and battle against the forces of the Darkness. Through traps, trials, and tests, the players create their own tales. And it is these stories that are the real myths, told and retold with friends and family at game tables and mead benches, earning warm smiles and treasured laughter. Welcome to the world of Myth. This fully cooperative fantasy board game allows players to play against the game. No longer will a person have to take up the role of the bad guy, Myth’s Darkness utilizes an intelligent priority system that changes and reacts to the players. No two games will ever be the same. Not merely a board game, Myth is also a serious miniatures game that brings with it the expandability and purchasing cycle of hard core tabletop games. Myth miniatures are made of hobby-level plastic and bring the game alive with dynamic sculpts. 2-5 players Ages 12+ 120 minute play time Contains: 1 Darkness Board 5 Hero Boards 10 Double-sided Realm Tiles 41 Plastic Miniatures 15 Dice 300+ Cards 300+ Tokens Rulebook