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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White—Legendary Treasures Booster Display (36 Boosters)

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This is the last set in the Black & White series, and it is going to have a strong effect on strong effect on all competitive decks. Command your forces and drive onward to victory! Locate the scattered jewels of the Radiant Collection! And, above all, hunt for the golden glimmers that signify an amazing find... *Estimated rare cards ratios on average: (these ratios are not guaranteed from the manufacturer, sometimes you will get more and sometimes less, but customers report that these tend to be the average pull ratios): Pokemon Black and White series: --Full Art cards: 1:18 packs (2 per box) --EX cards: 1:18 (2 per box) --Full Art EX cards: 1:36 (1 per box) --Shining cards: 1:72 (1 per 2 boxes) --Secret cards: 1:80 (1 every 2-3 boxes).