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Puppet Masters is a dueling card game with diversity and replayability at the core of its gameplay. Unlike other dueling card games, Puppet Masters has 27 playable characters, 18 thematic decks to mix and match, items to buff up puppets, and spells to drastically change the field of combat. Will you dedicate yourself to a few strong puppets, or will you employ hordes of weaklings? Will you abandon them at the first sight of trouble, or stick it through to the end? The choices are yours!

The game centers around its unique mechanic called “strings.” These are the currency players use to bid on minions, called puppets, to do their bidding. More strings equals greater numbers or stronger puppets you control. Players bid on puppets using these strings, vying for control or to bait one’s foe into spending too much on something you didn’t want anyway. When puppets die, the strings return, allowing you to grab up another puppet. Gold comes and goes, but the strings are permanent to your character, making you decide which puppets are too injured to keep tied up. The puppets you control can attack ones you didn’t buy for money, or to fight the other puppet masters and bring you one step closer to victory!

Games go until there is only one player with health remaining on their primary character.