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Run Fight Or Die Big Box

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Run, Fight or Die! is a frantic zombie game that pits each player against their own personal horde of zombies.

Run, Fight or Die! is easy to play: takes only two minutes to setup and you can start learning that game by simply rolling the dice! Each player has their own player board and character card, and their own group of zombies to fight off.

It's a blast anyway you set it up!

Includes: "Running Late But We're Worth It" expansion:
‚¬¢ One big box to cram expansions inside
‚¬¢ 4 new female characters
‚¬¢ 8 new loot cards
‚¬¢ 5 new event cards
‚¬¢ 4 new location cards
‚¬¢ 1 new follower
‚¬¢ 4 new fleeing cards
‚¬¢ 1 new custom die
‚¬¢ 1 rules book