Sails Of Glory Alligator 1782 - French Ship-Sloop Ship Pack

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The Swan class was a class of 14-gun ship‚¬€œsloops (even if in fact they mounted, after 1779, 16 guns). The class was designed for the Royal Navy by the Surveyor of the Navy, John Williams. Twentythree more were ordered between 1773 and 1779; they represented the ‚¬Ëœstandard' ship‚¬€œsloop design of the British Navy during the American Revolutionary War, during which eleven of them were lost. Surviving vessels went on to serve during the French Revolutionary War and Napoleonic War.

The French ship Alligator was originally the HMS Alligator, a British 14-gun sloop launched in 1780. In April 1782 she destroyed a French store ship and captured several forts. On her way back to Britain on June, 26th, she encountered the French 32-gun frigate La Fée, off the Scilly Isles, and was captured. Between 1782-83 she was known as Alligator. In October 1783 she became the packet ship Courrier de New-York.

The ship base, ship card and ship log are printed on two sides ‚¬€œ The game data of a second ship is printed on the back. This ship pack can also be used to represent the French ship‚¬€œsloop ‚¬Å“Le Fortune 1780‚¬?.

Designed to be used with the tactical ship-to-ship game system created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini, each Sails of Glory® Ship Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other Sails of Glory game product.In each pack you will find all you need to play with the ship: a special base with gaming stats, a ship log and a specific deck of
maneuver cards.

This is not a complete game. You must own a Sails of Glory ‚¬€ Starter Set to play.