Sails Of Glory: Commerce De Bordeaux 1784 - French S.O.L. Ship Pack

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The Téméraire Class ships is the most numerous class of
capital ships ever built, with 67 built between 1782 and
1824 for the French navy. These third-rate, 74-guns ships
had a designed crew of 700. They were armed with 28
36-Pounder guns in the lower deck, 30 18-Pounder guns in
the upperdeck, and 16 8-Pounder guns in the quarterdeck
and in the forecastle.
The Commerce de Bordeaux was funded
by a ‚¬Å“don des vaisseaux ‚¬Å“ (fundraising)
donation from Bordeaux. She was
laid dawn in 1784 and acquired
in 1785. Renamed Timoléon
in 1794, she took part in the
Battle of the Nile under
Captain Louis-Léonce
Trullet, and was the last
fighting French ship of the
battle, exploding after three
days, on August 2nd.
The ship base, ship card and ship log are printed on two
sides -the game data of a second ship is printed on the
back. This ship pack can also be used to represent the
French Ship-of-the-Line ‚¬Å“Duguay-Trouin 1788‚¬?.
Designed to be used with the tactical ship-to-ship game
system created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea
Mainini, each Sails of Glory® Ship Pack
is a ready-to-play model, painted and
assembled, 100% compatible with any
other Sails of Glory game product.
In each pack you will find all you need
to play with the ship: a special base
with gaming stats, a ship log and a
specific deck of maneuver cards.
This is not a complete
game. You must own a
Sails of Glory ‚¬€ Starter
Set to play.