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Shadowrun 5E: Runner's Toolkit - Alphaware

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• Do you play Shadowrun now and are looking for a set of tools to easily allow you to more easily run your existing group, or that’ll allow you to introduce new gamers to your favorite RPG at your local game store or hangout?

• Are you a gamemaster ready to give Shadowrun a shot, and you want a few extra tools at your disposal from the first toss of your dice?

• Have you tackled the Beginner Box and are ready to move up in the Sixth World?

Say yes to any of those? Then the Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware is the box set for you.

Designed to provide adventures, maps and tools to use in conjunction with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, or to be the perfect stepping-stone between the Shadowrun Beginner Box and the core rulebook, this box can fill a number of roles.
Whether you’re looking for more tools to help your existing gaming group, or adventures and options to move beyond the Beginner Box, laying the groundwork for your gaming group to move fully onto Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, you’ll find this kit invaluable.

This box has all you need to play a game of Shadowrun, including:
• Rules of the Street: A rulebook designed to be accessible and simple to use.
• The Edge of Now gives the flavor and background of the Sixth World
• Plots and Paydata: Adventures and tips for any Shadowrun gamemaster.
• Eight double-sided maps to help players and GMs track the action.
• Spell, weapon, and gear cards for quick reference.
• Pre-generated characters players can use right away

Selling Points:
• A plethora of easy-to-use tools for aiding pre-existing players or introducing new players.
• Offers pre-generated characters and a series of interlinked adventures for a simple adventure or campaign.

target Market:
• Role-players new to the Shadowrun universe.
• Experienced Shadowrun players wishing to introduce newcomers to the Sixth World setting.
• Players of related games such as Shadowrun: Crossfire, Shadowrun Returns, & Shadowrun Online looking to bring the fun of those games into the pen-and-paper experience.