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Ten Instant Adventures for The Strange!

What’s the hardest part of running a game? It has to be the prep. GMs often commit hours to preparation before the first minute of play—one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting camaigns rolling. But what if running a great game didn’t require any more time for the GM than it does for the players?

Strange Revelations makes prepping for an RPG no more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game, while taking players through myraid recursions in the shoals of Earth. A must-have for both beginning and veteral GMs of The Strange!

These aren’t adventure seeds—they’re complete, pre-prepped adventures in the innovative format that was so popular in Weird Discoveries: Ten Instant Adventures for Numenera. Run them as one-shots, or drop them into your ongoing campaign when you don’t have time to prep your own adventures. Or run them as a campaign for months worth of effortless play!

• A great corebook upsell for new buyers of The Strange, but also a must-buy for existing fans!
• Jumpstarts campaigns—and when gamers run campaigns, they’re back in your store for more product!
• Ten meaty adventures, with maps, great “show ‘em” illos, NPCs, and all the details you expect.
• A great showcase of The Strange’s reality-hopping, multi-genre theme.
• Prep for an evening’s play in 5 minutes—less time than setting up a board game!
• Includes 6 pre-generated characters and 10—yes, 10!—exciting, complete adventures.