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The Massive Setting Book for The Strange

Witch covens battle in the city of Halloween. Virtue goes to die in the Eleventh Reich. T-Rexes hunt hominids in the tropical island of Mesozoica, while airships battle in the tempestuous cloud seas of Seishin Shore.

In The Strange, alternate, limited worlds are seeded from human fiction and mythology. Player characters might discover Atlantis, Oz, the Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes, or worlds even more bizarre and dangerous. Worlds Numberless and Strange takes you into dozens of new recursions, where super-villains, dinosaurs, space troopers, killer robots, gods, and other dangers guard wonders and treasures few on Earth have ever seen!

This is the big setting book for The Strange—every fan is going to need a copy!
• The Strange’s equivalent of the Ninth World Guidebook.
• With its reality-hopping theme, The Strange players are hungry for new worlds to explore. The book delivers over 70 recursions!
• Adventure hooks and new creatures for GMs, and character options, artifacts, and other items for players.
• A must-have book with a great price point for driving big sales in your store!