Treasure Lair

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Lairs with vast treasure await heroes who have the endurance to travel through treacherous locations, are clever enough to overcome encounters with dangerous charlatans, and are brave enough to defeat the fearsome monsters that lurk within. You must form a party of heroes in order to face the many challenges during your quest. But choose wisely, for each quest requires different skills and abilities. Brute strength may be enough to smash your way into the treasure lair, but stealth and wilderness lore may be vital to your quest for the greatest treasure. Win the most treasure and lead your heroes to victory!

‚¬¢ 30 Action cards
‚¬¢ 64 Hero cards
‚¬¢ 4 Starting hero cards
‚¬¢ 90 Challenge cards
‚¬¢ 12 Treasure cards
‚¬¢ Rulebook

Players: 24
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30 min