Escape The Curse of the Temple

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Your team of explorers has made it into the heart of the ancient temple, but can you work together to banish the curse and get out! Escape unfolds in real-time. You have just ten minutes to collect gems and find the exit. Don't leave anyone behind! Either your whole group makes it out‚¬¦or no one does!

Escape contains: 6 main chamber tiles, 13 basic chamber tiles, 25 magic gems, 25 dice, 5 adventurer figures, 5 adventurer tokens, 1 CD, 1 rule book, 1 supplement for the 2 modules 'Curses' and 'Treasures', 1 supplement for the 'Sand of Fortune' expansion.

Cooperative gameplay. Work as a team to Escape the temple.
Timed soundtrack counts down the moments you have left to solve the curse.
Beautiful, thick temple rooms get assembled differently each time you play.