What should I do if the game I ordered is missing pieces?

Nearly all publishers deal with these things directly. They have some sort of a contact form on their websites. Email us at customerservice@boardlandia.com if you need help finding the publishers site. 

What should I do if the game I ordered is an Asmodee game and it is missing pieces or has a defective piece?

Asmodee changed their policy to state: 

As of February 18, 2020, if a game is purchased in the US that has damaged or missing components, please return to where you originally bought the game for assistance.

If you purchased your game at Boardlandia and are in need of a replacement or missing part then we ask you to email us at parts@boardlandia.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Order number
  • Name of the game and piece that is defective or missing
  • A picture of the defective piece or of the whole game minus the missing piece (you MUST include a picture for us to submit the claim).

These are the specifics we need to be able to submit a claim to Asmodee to get a defective or missing part.


**NOTE If you purchased your game online, we will ship you the piece you are missing for free. This applies for game pieces, not empty or full box replacement. If you are wanting a whole new copy of the game, please let us know. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the replacement game to you. Shipping will vary based on the size of the game and your location. Typically it ranges from $9.99 - $13. We will contact you with a custom invoice for shipping once we have the replacement game. **

I placed an order yesterday and it hasn't shipped yet. What do I do?

No need to worry, just be patient. 

It takes 3-4 business days, starting the following business day after your order, for the games to arrive to us. Check out our shipping policy for more details (https://boardlandia.com/policies/shipping-policy).

For a sale we ask that you give us an extra day or two due to volume.

Occasionally there are minor issues that delay products arriving to us from distributors and we need a few extra days for it to arrive to us from a farther warehouse than normal. 

How will I know if my order shipped?

As soon as we pack the order and create a shipping label, you will receive a notification with the tracking number. 

I need to contact Boardlandia but don't know what email address to use. What do I do?

Customer Service Inquiries - customerservice@boardlandia.com

Hold order shipping - orderhold@boardlandia.com

Game Requests / Restocks - gamerequests@boardlandia.com

Events - events@boardlandia.com

Job Inquiry / Resumes - careers@boardlandia.com

Interested in running a demo at the store - demos@boardlandia.com

Please give us 1 - 2 business days to respond to your message. We try to be as prompt as we can answering emails. During holidays please allow extra time for us to respond as our volume significantly increases.

My game arrived damaged. What should I do?

We take care to carefully check games as they arrive to us to make sure we don't send out damaged games. We also pack boxes with plenty of padding to survive the journey to you. However shipping companies sometimes drop them with force on a corner and it damages the games in the box. 

In the event your games arrive to you damaged please do not remove the shrink wrap, keep the shipping box, and all packing materials until your claim is resolved and contact us at customerservice@boardlandia.com. Please be prepared to send pictures of the damage to your games as well as pictures capturing all side of the box including the bottom and the shipping label. Please note, if you remove the shrink wrap, we may be unable to replace the game in certain situations. 

I just placed a hold order for a game. When will you contact me?

We won't. Hold orders get put on our shelf in a back room with other hold orders until you request that they be shipped. At that time, if it isn't enough for free shipping, then you will have to combine it with another order to get to free shipping or request a shipping invoice.

How long can I have a hold order?

We will only hold orders for 1.5 years counting from the date the order was placed.* We will cancel any hold orders older than 1.5 years. We will refund the order minus a 15% restocking fee back to a gift card. We do not have the ability to refund back to the original method of payment on orders this old.

If the hold order contains a pre-order (or multiple) we will use the date when the final pre-order releases.

I placed a pre-order for a game. When will I get the game?

We don't get games until a few days before their release and sometimes just the day before their release. That being said, as soon as we get the games, we start putting them to orders and shipping them out to customers who pre-ordered first. 

What is the release date of the game I ordered?

Oftentimes, we don't know. Some publishers and distributors don't give eta's until they are close to release or until the games have actually arrived at distribution. Your best bet is to first check the product on our site. If we can see the eta when we make the product, then it will be on there. We try to update those we we find out more. The other place to check is publishers sites or their social media. They oftentimes post it there and that is how we end up finding out too. 

How do I apply my reward coupon to my order?

Put the coupon code in the discount field during checkout. 

Keep in mind that reward coupons cannot be applied to orders where the coupon was earned. 

If I apply a coupon to my order and that drops my total below free shipping, do I lose free shipping?

Yes. Your order total after discounts needs to at or above the free shipping tier to qualify for free shipping.

How do I apply my reward coupon and a sale code?

You can't. Our system only allows one coupon code at a time. Email customerservice@boardlandia.com to have us manually apply it for you. Please note, only one reward coupon can be applied per order. 

Can I use a sale code and a gift card while checking out?

Yes. A sale code is considered a discount. A gift card is a form of payment, not a discount. 

What is the best way to stay in the loop?

Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our emails. We send out an email once a week stating our new deal of the week and release dates for near future. We also announce sales via email first.

How do I cancel an order?

Please see https://boardlandia.com/policies/refund-policy for more information.