The Mysterious Forest - Review

The Mysterious Forest - Review

Yesterday Tim stopped by and brought me lunch at Boardlandia. After we ate, we had a few minutes to spare and decided to play The Mysterious Forest. First thing you will notice about this game is it's art. All of it is eye catching and beautiful. I know that you aren't supposed to "judge a game by it's cover" but, come on, who doesn't?

This game is extremely easy to set up and learn. The game is about a boy who finds a painting in his grandma's attic that is calling to him. He enters the painting into a mysterious forest on an unforeseen adventure.

Throughout the game, the boy (signified by a cute little figure wielding a wooden sword) is hopping from card to card as he ventures through the forest. In order to advance in the forest he needs items. Your job is to take turns looking at the cards to memorize the items that he needs. Then while the cards are still face down you get to roll dice to collect the items and put them in his backpack. Once you are finished then the boy goes on his adventure and you hopefully remembered all of the items he needs to get through and beat the monster at the end. 

This game is rated ages 6+ and would be easy to teach as it's a bit more about luck than actual strategy. I thought it was a quick (20 minutes ish), easy, and cute game that would be perfect for a family game night with the kids!

One final note is this game was nominated for this years Kinderspiel des Jahres. For those of you new to boardgaming that is the yearly award for the best kids game. It did not win but was in the top three meaning it is still a great game.



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