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Boardlandia Under New Ownership! - Boardlandia

Boardlandia Under New Ownership!

We are excited to announce that Boardlandia is under new ownership! 

New owners Tim and Karissa are excited to take Boardlandia to new heights and continue to service both downtown Appleton WI, the surrounding area, and online customers.

Here is a list of the new stuff that will be coming:

Better Hours!

Starting Monday, June 12th, we will be changing the hours to be Monday - Friday 10AM to 8PM and Saturday 9AM to 3PM.

Better Reward System

We are currently testing out a new reward system and are getting close to making it live. Unlike the current reward system that only rewards you after obtaining 250 points, the new system will be tier based.

It will be simple; the more you spend, the higher your discount tier will be. We are still finalizing the levels and max discount and we will share it when we get closer to release.


Magic players, you will be happy to hear that we will be stocking and taking pre-orders for the latest set. While we don't have a large space (yet) for FNM, we still want to offer you the same low prices we give our boardgamers!


To all the pen and paper players out there: We will start to stock the more popular books. DnD 5e and Pathfinder. If you are playing something else, no problem, we can order it for you!

Family Game Night

We will also be starting up a family game night program for local area schools! More details will come soon, but one unique aspect about this is Karissa is actually a licensed teacher here in the state of WI. She is leaving her position as a 3rd grade teacher in Green Bay to help run the store and spend more time with our son. However, she will continue to keep up-to-date with her license and standards.

Updated Website

We have plans to better organize the website for all you online users. We realize many products are improperly tagged, don't have descriptions, or have multiple copies of the same product listed at different prices.

The process is already underway to clean up the products in the short term. Longer term, we are looking at a new design that will make it easier to filter and find what you want.

New Product Launch Events and Tournaments

We are working on getting a space where we can hold launch events for new releases and tournaments. Right now, we are limited by the mall hours, but we are looking at alternatives.


One of the bigger questions we get asked is, are the prices going to remain low?

The answer is YES! We believe in providing games at a reasonable price. Right now, we do not have any plans to raise prices to MSRP. Put simply, we cannot sell games online if we sell at MSRP, since we have to compete with other larger online retailers and we cannot sell at MSRP in-store and sell cheaper online. The outcome being online prices in-store :).

Are you keeping the reward system?

See the new changes above. To summarize, the current reward system will be left in place, but will soon be replaced by a better one!

I pre-ordered X will I still get my order?

Yes. All existing pre-orders are still in place. I also have all the email conversations you may have had with the previous owner on changes to orders.

Why did you purchase Boardlandia?

My wife and I are avid gamers and we had talked about opening a board game cafe in the future. When the old owner, Tim, decided it was time to sell, we jumped on the opportunity. We have great plans for the future of Boardlandia and are excited to get things rolling!

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tobias robison - June 9, 2017

I wish you the best of success. I am absolutely LOVING my copy of Gloomhaven (version 1), which I purchased from you.

James Finster - June 9, 2017

P.S. I love the new hours!

James Finster - June 9, 2017

I am very excited for the new owners. I was concerned when I heard Boardlandia was being sold but it sounds like the new owners are very interested in extending an even better experience. As a local teacher I am very happy to hear it is in good hands!

Robin - June 9, 2017

Congrats on the new venture! I’ve been enjoying the new games I’ve been buying there, friends and family are enjoying the ones I’ve bought there as gifts, and I’m looking forward to doing more business at the downtown Boardlandia!

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