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Orders placed after Dec 3rd are not guaranteed for Christmas Delivery. Expect delays due to an influx of orders.
Orders placed after Dec 3rd are not guaranteed for Christmas Delivery. Expect delays due to an influx of orders.
COVID Shut downs and delays - Boardlandia

COVID Shut downs and delays

Hey everyone! 

We don't usually post in the blog very often but we have some information that we think is worth sharing. We try to be as transparent as we can with our customers so we have another Covid update. As you know, things are always changing on a daily basis. Yesterday was no exception.

Asmodee notified us that the government shut down their Minnesota warehouse (where we order from everyday). Thankfully we are still able to order from their Atlanta warehouse. BUT this comes with a few setbacks. The first being transit time. Normally our Asmodee orders take 1 day in transit (we get them the next day typically). However, coming from Atlanta, they will take 3 days in transit. Not only that, the Atlanta warehouse has 5 employees right now. This means it could take them 2-4 days to even get our order put together.  So if you put those two together, it could take our orders about a week to get to us. This is a significant delay. We wanted to give everyone a heads up about this as the most common question right now (and pretty much everyday) is about when an order will ship. Once orders arrive to us, they are sorted and packed relatively quickly so now we are just relying on Asmodee to get orders to us. 

Our other distributors are still open and shipping at roughly normal speed. One of them is taking maybe a day or 2 days longer but nothing crazy. 

We will continue to work as fast as we possibly can. Unfortunately we don't have robots like Amazon...just 8 employees. There are only ever 3 employees working at the same time. So knowing that, we get an impressive amount of orders taken care of on a daily basis. Go team!

There was also a change yesterday to Wisconsin's Stay at Home Order. This will only effect our local customers. The stay at home order was extended BUT we are now able to offer contactless curbside pickup again as of April 24th. We know other stores had continued to do pickups during the last few weeks but we did not think it was ethical to ask people to be leaving their homes when it wasn't advised. Our customers safety is important to us! 

Hang in there, everyone. We hope you are enjoying the bonus family time some of you may be getting. We will all get through this together. 


The Boardlandia Team 


Aaron - January 7, 2021

I’m glad you don’t have robots! I very much appreciate you guys and know you’re doing the best you can. Can’t wait to try curbside pickup, and continue to support one of my favorite local businesses. Thank you for hanging in there!

Dave - January 7, 2021

You guys be safe, we will be patient.
Dave S.

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